Unveiling the new 115 meter TUHURA

Unveiling the new 115 meter TUHURA

Posted 5 March 

Unveiling TUHURA, a 115 meter megayacht design 

Last week during Dubai International Boat show, Oceanco's latest project in collaboration with Lobanov Design studio and others was released: TUHURA. A unique project, a throwback that extends thousands of years farther into the past than any other yacht. 

The exterior styling of the 115m project TUHURA is reminiscent of early canoes; dugouts and other vessels used hundreds of years ago. This dugout canoe was once used by Polynesians to cross thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean. The thinking behind revisiting basic primal forms is connected to the wish to evoke a sense of exploration.  

The design is humble but very elegant, exhaling a dynamic spirit. In the design state-of-the-art technology is used to make the already naturally efficient canoe-form hull with low overall resistance evolutionary. 

Designed with and for a true pioneering spirit. 



Source information and pictures: Boatinternational.com, Oceancoyacht.com