Top 9 Instagram posts 2017

Top 9 Instagram posts 2017

Posted 2 January 2018 

Eylem's Top 9 Instagram posts of 2017

You'll probably remember our recent launch of our Instagram account. In the end of September 2017 we started posting our pictures inspired by our passion for yachting on a regular basis. And we're very happy to tell you we're over the 100 followers. 

We consider it a pleasure to share our drive for yachting, sun, watersport, diving, sunsets, spectacular waves and so on. Did you know that we take the pictures ourselves? 

We made an overview of the 9 posts with the most likes and the other single picture is the winner of 2017. It's a partial photo of the 110,1 meter super yacht JUBILEE, built in 2017 by Oceanco (third picture).  

Thank you followers! Up to the next 100