Today's of coffee

Today's of coffee

Posted 1 October 2018

Today's of coffee

Let's pretend it's not Monday and think about the perfect start of the day...a warm cup of coffee. This survival juice doesn't only sponsor the good mood, coffee and friends are the perfect blend. You may wonder why we write about coffee, being an excellent compagnon during the day aside, today we like coffee extra special, because it's International Coffee Day.

For this year the International Coffee Organization has chosen a very special theme: Women in Coffee! Keeping in mind all the women that work on the fields planting the seeds to the women that brew it and drink it. The idea behind this special theme is highlighting the need for equity and equality in the coffee sector. 

Last year events have been a success! Events have been helt all over the world in over 45 different countries. We at Eylem celebrate coffee pretty much every day. However, it's a great occasion to organize a little event (or big) to celebrate our favorite hot beverage.

To inspire you even a bit more, here are some funny facts about coffee:

1. Did you know that coffee is actually a red fruit? Everybody recognizes the grain, but that's just the pit of this fruit. 

2. Coffee is a very popular trading product. Whether it's coffee that is the most consumed drink after water or if it's tea, coffee is the second most traded product in the world following petroleum. 

3. The northern countries such as, Norway, Iceland and Finland, drink the most coffee. We wouldn't have expected otherwise...

So, let's get started with your event! But first..... coffee :-)