Thanksgiving for shelter dogs

Thanksgiving for shelter dogs

Posted 23 November

Shelter dogs get a temporary home so they can celebrate Thanksgiving with families

Thanksgiving may be a holiday for humans, but that doesn't mean that these pups don't want to get in on the fun too. This Home For The Pawlidays program is a sweet new initiative that pairs shelter dogs with temporary foster homes for Thanksgiving week. 

The project, which was created by the Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta is finding families to take in 20 of their loneliest shelter dogs for this week. 

Fostering animals is an invaluable resource for rescue shelters - it gives dogs a break from being in shelter cages all day long and it gives foster parents and shelters a chance to learn more about the pup's personality, which may help encourage a family's decision to adopt in the future. 

If shelters know whether a dog like to play or be around children, they can then help connect the pups with prospective owners who might be more drawn to those traits. With Thanksgiving, the pups have a chance to relax, spend time with a family, get out of the cage and maybe join in on the feasting as well. Plus, they will be exposed to a whole new group of people who might feel compelled to adopt them in loving homes. 

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Source: Goodnewsnetwork Organization, November 2017.