Posted 12 February 2018


It's still winter, the coldest season in the year. Here in Luxembourg we're covered in snow for almost a week already. And it has been cold!!! So cold, even our mascotte asked for some earmuffs. But can you blame him, with those big ears? Eventhough our thoughts these days often drift off to some sunny resorts and beaches, we've still a couple of winter-weeks to survive and we decided to face the polar conditions. 

Our Eylem mascotte got around and defied the forces of the forests this week, taking a hike in the snow. Trying to qualify for the Olympics... Didn't succeed by the way ;-)

Rebels that we are, we couldn't resist putting our mascotte in a 'compromosing' situation, well not completely... Where no dogs are allowed, foxes are. Don't you think? And if Tesla can send a car into space, we think we're safe here. 

By the way, let's give our mascotte a name. We invite you to think with us in coming up with a name for this little rebel. Get in touch and let us know! Mail to: 


P.s. we met another creature at the forest while making our pictures. Can you find it?