Spring is there!

Spring is there!

Posted 19 March

Tomorrow the 20th of March, Spring will be knocking on your door!!!

Well... if the weather will be accordingly, we'll have to see. But one thing is for sure, the astronomical Spring starts tomorrow. Days get longer and warmer (we hope ;-), flowers will start to bloom, baby animals are born... and so on. Let's get your spirit spring-ready and enjoy these 5 facts about spring that we're sure you'll adore:

1. That morning when all the baby-birds are born. The day that all the chirping and twittering of all the young birds awakens you and if you'll listen closely, it's like an orchestra of nature. 

2. Flowers and trees start to bloom. A blanket of greenish and soft pastel colors covers nature. Also creating that wonderful spring-fragrance. So, open those windows!

3. The more moments you can spend outside and enjoy the spring sun. Maybe already sit on a terrace or visit the city garden (blanket included). Go to the park for a picnic and of course look for those Easter eggs or better, make a deal with the Easter bunny. 

4. All the baby animals. With Spring in the air many babies will spring up at farms, zoos and in the wild. Fluffy, furry or feathered. Did you ever hear of "Lambageddon"? It stands for the huge outbursts of lambs being born over the weekend. It's an invasion!

5. Summer is close. Don't complain about the heat ;-)