In a summer state of mind

In a summer state of mind

Posted 7 February 

All you need is a good dose of vitamin SEA

When Christmas is over many people start looking forward to sunshine. Sunshine makes you happier and something we really long for after the snow, cold rain and wind. We're now in February, meaning that the winter will come to an end soon and spring and summer are literally around the corner. 

So it's no wonder we sometimes dream off and find ourselves dreaming about those warm summer days. The slight ocean breeze that cools us off, sunsets, waving palm trees, salty hair and the fainting smell of sun lotion. 

Going to the beach is the pinnacle of summer fun. The feeling of swimming in the sea, running and jumping in the sea-shore is very soothing on a hot summer day. Feeling the sand between your toes and hearing the waves playing with the beach. The warm hot sun tans your skin while you lay relaxing on the sun bed onboard. 

Being on the water is all about having a good time. Step away from the crowd and charter a yacht. Life aboard is unparalleled. You discover new destinations every day in ultimate comfort, enjoying an exceptional level of bespoke service from a dedicated crew. 

With a luxury yacht charter your summer holiday is 100% tailor made to the things you like. From relaxing in private bays to partying in the most exclusive clubs ashore. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us and with great pleasure we tell you all about the yachts, destinations and how it works. 

This will already put you in right summer-state-of-mind: