Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Posted 29 March

Happy Easter: 5 things to do during Easter

If we think about Easter, some of us may think immediately of the more modern approach....eggs, chocolate, bunnies and brunch. But why do we have Easter eggs? They say that in the old days eating eggs was prohibited the week before Easter. During this Holy Week, the eggs that were laid were saved and decorated. To be given to the children later as gifts. 

And the Easter Bunny you say? That's a different story. Legend says the Easter Bunny entered the tradition during the 19th century. Rabbits usually give birth to a big litter of babies, so they became a symbol of new life. So apparently the Easter bunny lays, decorates and hides the eggs as they are a symbol of new life. But fortunately he doesn't have to do this all by himself.... In Switzerland the Easter eggs are delivered by a cuckoo and in parts of Germany by a fox. Ain't that cool?!

To stay in the Easter spirit, here are 5 things to do during Easter:

1. Obviously... paint eggs

2. Organize an Easter egg hunt

3. Organize an Easter brunch with family and friends

4. Take a hike in nature

5. Plant something new

If you're in Luxembourg, a folk festival is organized on Monday, called Emaischen, with dance, folkloristic songs and children's games. Only during this day, the so-called Péckvillercher are sold and traditionally also only used during this day. These are the traditional whistling birds made of clay or ceramics. Also known to given as a little present. 

And last but not least, don't forget to take part at Eylem's online golden egg hunt this Easter weekend. Read more about this in the previous post. 

Happy Easter!