Eylem's hashtag #rebelsplayhard

Eylem's hashtag #rebelsplayhard

Posted 9 April

Our hashtag #rebelsplayhard

You've already seen it passing by... our hashtag #rebelsplayhard. On our Instagram account @eylemyachting, our brochures, our blog... it's our own hashtag. It describes not only the company's spirit, but also our playful team drive. And now you're wondering why it's called #rebelsplayhard. Arewerite?

We believe that everyone has a bit of the rebel personality within themselves - that part that sometimes wants to go against the grain and sometimes does. And yes, we're aware we take "rebelliousnous" to another level ;-) But isn't that great!?! Yachting 2.0 or Yachting Unplugged, how shall we call it. It's exactly this attitude that results in you having the most exclusive and dazzling yachting experiences. 

Of course, we're looking here at the positive aspects of rebelliousness, such as having a great potential to explore, be trendsetting and lead others through uncharted waters, being passionate and compassionate because we feel like it. Flavored with a buttload of unbeatable enthusiasm. Each and everyone of us has a colorful character and together we come up with the most amazing ideas.

We assume that you're not looking for a dime a dozen. If you're looking for that, just turn over a rock. In satisfying you with ultimate luxury, unlimited freedom and unprecedented privacy that's only experienced by a privileged few, you want a yachting team that is original in crafting stunning yachting experiences, a team that goes the extra mile. (It's never crowded there anyway) Untamely devoted. A team that's taking pride in thinking outside the box, to go where nobody goes and has gone before. Work hard to play hard. 

We always put our client's best interest in everything in everything we do. Constantly raising the bar, because there's always a next level. Not afraid to show courage. 

Eylem here... Reporting for duty "alive and kicking"!