Eylem's Blog La Maison

Eylem's Blog La Maison

20 October

Dear friends, dear followers, 

When you're reading this, you're in La Maison. La Maison is our blog at Eylem.lu where we share on a daily basis our world of wonder with you. Find out all about luxury yachting, mega yachts, supercars, fashion, charter destinations, weekend escapes, golf, champagne and much more. We keep you up-to-date about yachting events, luxury fairs and glamorous happenings. 

Let us show you around a bit in La Maison. We have four categories:


Well, what's in a name... If you click on EVENTS you can read about upcoming events, fairs and exhibitions. For sure related to yachting, but also art fairs, business events, trade exhibitions and so on. You name it. Every now and then we look back at some amazing events and share a review. 


Well, we guess by now you already know that we like to share. Sharing is caring and that's why in EYLEM SAYS you can find out more about fun, sharing photos and cool stories, inspiration and pearls of wisdom. Be entertained... and ready for a smile. 


Our vision is our treasure. Together we make it happen. That's why we proudly share wishes and other inspiring material we're gathering from our friends. Meet them over there. 


If you can dream it, you can sail it. Since our yachting dreams are individually crafted, we have an impressive brand in-house to customize your yachting dream and convey it into reality. In Eylem United, you'll find SUNREEF YACHTS. New-build luxury catamarans in power and in sail. Each yacht is custom -made and designed in great detail. Share with us your vision and together we'll design your dream yacht.