A September to Remember

A September to Remember

Posted 13 November

A September to Remember 

We know... It's already been a while since September. A lot has happened. Holidays are over, weather has changed, winter-time entered, Halloween has already passed (though we survived this evening of horror and pumpkins). Months fly by, still we would like to once more remember the beautiful September.

September was an amazing month.

- We joined the Cannes Yachting Festival,

- met the Man in the Iron Mask,

- opted-in at the Monaco Yacht Show,

- tested yachts at sea,

- updated ourselves with the new cultural exhibitions around Nice,

- explored new luxury water toys,

- saw the death mask of Napoleon in Nice,

- explored islands,

- watched sunsets,

- finally arrived at the design we have in mind for the official lay-out for our charity initiatives,

- executed several tours in the Med to be able to inform you about all the dandy and trendy establishments, adorable places and clubs to hop by with your yacht to name but a few.

And all of that only in September! Can you imagine the rest of the Summer?!?! Yachting-madness ;-)

In the coming weeks we'll write about our amazing stories here and in our Imagine chapter.

Moreover, we received some amazing yachts for sale post-summer, we'll gladly bring you up to speed. The yachts are quite special: tug boats, speed boats, classic beauties like a 1965 Riva and so on. You'll find them all freshly listed at our page yachts for sale in the coming weeks. 

We have so much to catch up with you!