A perfect Valentine gift

A perfect Valentine gift

Posted 13 February

A perfect Valentine Gift

Tomorrow it's the 14th of February, also known as Valentine's Day. For all those who don't have any ideas yet what to do, organize or give... we have a wonderful idea.

What is more romantic and stylish than giving a true Gentleman's yacht for Valentine. 71 meters of pure romance ready to be customized and outfitted according to your wishes. It still needs some work, but this classic beauty is worth it. 

We all remember the movie "Titanic". Regarding what happens to the boat, we just realize that it's maybe not the perfect example. But if we for a moment skip that part and think of the famous bow scene with Rose and Jack, "my heart will go on" will resonance from the speakers for a very long time when you give this pure Gentleman's Yacht. 

Especially now that all serious offers will be taken into consideration, this is your chance to acquire this jewel for the both both of you. We'll wrap it up for you, we guess... ;-)

See more:http://www.eylem.lu/eylem-yacht-sales/item/71m-krupp

Happy Valentine's Day